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Earigate Ear Cleaning System 100ml


Quick Overview

Earigate is a new ear cleaning system.

Earigate's patented device and completely natural solution, cleans earwax from the ear canal safely, comfortably and effectively. This ear-care management product helps to decrease earwax build-up. Earigate also helps reduce the number of visits needed for earwax removal procedures

What are the effects of earwax blockage?

Earwax is produced in the outer one third of the ear canal, by secretions from glands that line the canal. Earwax helps to keep the ear clean and lubricated, and protected against infection.

Earwax becomes a problem when too much builds up and blocks the ear canal. Earwax blockage can result in hearing loss, pain, ringing, dizziness, and infections
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The Earigate device has a soft, rounded tip that is inserted into the ear. A guard prevents the device from going in too deeply. When the device is activated, the Earigate solution passes along the tube, to the end piece, which results in the flow of solution being directed back out of the ear canal. The earwax is then forced out.The nozzle's patented duct system, developed by an ENT, expels wax by projecting fluid into ear canal without forcing it against the tympanic membrane.

Earigate is comprised of 100% natural-source sea water. The solution is isotonic and contains no preservatives

The patented Earigate device effectively clears out earwax, and the ear wash solution keeps ears clean. Impacted earwax should be removed by a physician prior to using Earigate

Earigate is indicated to reduce wax accumulation. Regular use of Earigate reduces the risk of wax build-up.

The Earigate system is simple, easy and comfortable. The head is tilted to one side, and the device is inserted into the ear. The device is activated and a nozzle projects fluid into the ear canal. The procedure is then repeated on the other ear.

Earigate is hypoallergenic, causes no rebound effect and prevents eardrum from being damaged. The mechanism of action-the flow of solution directed back out of the ear canal-prevents the eardrum, and other sensitive and important structures of the ear, from being damaged. This technique also avoids the uncomfortable feeling of water hitting the eardrum. When inserted fully (i.e. until the guard rests against the ear canal), the tip of the Earigate device will extend up to 1.7 cm into the ear canal. The length of the ear canal in children and adults is no less than 2.2 cm and 2.5 cm respectively, leaving a clearance of 0.5 cm.

How to Use

Always read instructions before use.
1-2 applications 3 times per week

Remove blue over cap .DO NOT CUT OR REMOVE WHITE TIP, as this will cause product to spray forward and may cause ear injury.
Tilting head to the left, insert tip into the left ear and activate.
Solution will wash wax back out of the ear.
Tilt head to the right and repeat procedure for the right ear.
Each application should be a quick spray for one seconds duration

Hazards and Cautions

Earigate should not be used in the following situations:
In children under the age of six years.
By patients with tubes in their ears, unless advised by a physician.
By patients who have otitis or any other ear infection, unless advised by the physician.
By patients who have a perforated eardrum or who have had mastoid surgery.
To remove impacted wax. Impacted earwax should be removed by a health care professional prior to using this device.
Do not freeze.

Not for use on impacted ear wax.

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