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Bickiepegs Teething Biscuits for Babies 38g

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Bickiepegs Teething Biscuits for Babies 38g


Quick Overview

Bickiepegs are specially designed for teething, they are shaped to assist infants with the teething process and provide the correct exercise vital to the development of a baby’s jaw muscles, teeth and chewing skills. The shape has been designed to allow baby to bite at both the front and back of the mouth, whilst simultaneously developing chewing skills essential for when they move to solid foods. These classic teething biscuits are specially baked for hardness, providing a strong surface which allows the new teeth to ‘cut’ through the gums. Bickiepegs help to ease the pain associated with the teething process and some professionals believe that chewing on the biscuits prior to teething helps teeth grow straighter and with better spacing.

Bickiepegs are not designed as a food the ingredients are 100% natural and contain no artificial colourings, preservatives or flavourings. Also there is no added sugar or salt, giving you peace of mind.

Bickiepegs have been endorsed by Doctors, Dentists, Health Visitors, Dietitians and Midwives due to the fact that they are natural with a long history and because they have seen such positive examples of where children have benefited from using Bickiepegs.

Bickiepegs can be used by children from around 6 months, but this varies greatly from child to child depending on when they start teething. The ingredients used in the product make the Bickiepegs suitable for both Vegetarians and Vegans and are GM and dairy-free.

Bickiepegs are hand made using the finest quality Wheatflour and Wheatgerm. They are hand-packed and throughout the production process they are put through rigorous visual and physical checks to ensure the product is of the best quality.

Each packet of Bickiepegs is sealed for freshness in clear foil and they come with safety ribbon allowing you to attach the ‘Peg’ to clothing for safety. Each pack contains 12 Bickiepegs.
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Nutritional Information per 100g –
Energy 1591kJ/376kcal
Fat 2.7g
Saturates 0.5g
Carbohydrates 81.6g
Sugars 3.5g
Protein 2.7g
Salt <0.03g.

Safety Instructions:

  • Check each Bickiepeg to ensure it hasn’t been damaged in transit.
  • Thread the ribbon through the hole and attach to baby’s clothes – never around the neck.
  • Do not dip in any liquid or sweetener.
  • You may wish to hold the Bickiepeg for your baby to gnaw.
  • Give your baby no more than 20 minutes with a Bickiepeg and then discard it. Please do not keep and re-use after it has been in baby’s mouth.
  • Never leave a baby unattended whilst using a Bickiepeg or any food.
  • Once opened always keep unused Bickiepegs in a sealed airtight container.

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